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Curriculum and Power Points

For Educators and Homeschool Parents: The Curriculum Packets  that accompany the books written for Middle Grades and High School English classes are designed to--

(1) Challenge readers to think for themselves, building problem solving and reasoning skills.

(2) Present themes that uplift and encourage young readers to stand strong in a challenging world. 

(3) Increase vocabulary knowledge

(4) Improve reading comprehension

The young adult series is a faith-based series.

The middle grade books are fun adventure stories for both private and public schools.

Book One--In the Midst of Us from the In Our Midst series for young adults

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A Curriculum Packet for high school English teachers in private/Christian schools. Or for homeschool parents who want to instill godly strengths in their young adults, particularly how to stand against peer pressure and how to trust God, even when they don’t understand the difficult situations around them. The packet also includes activities involving reading comprehension, four important themes, and literary techniques (symbols and motifs). 

Book Two--Even When We Cannot See from the In Our Midst series for young adults

The Curriculum Packet provides activities and discussion of three themes in the book Even When We Cannot See (1) We must discern between good and evil, truth and lies. (2) Our perspective of life and the absolutes we have will determine our choices, attitudes, and responses—even during adversity. (3) We can trust God because of His character and His abilities. Comprehension discussion and literary technique activities are included as well. The curriculum is very comprehensive, practical, relevant, and fun, involving students in more than just worksheets.

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Lewis Cover MG_edited.jpg

Book One--The Three Sleuths of Brooklyn from The Brooklyn Sleuths series for middle graders

Fun activities and worksheets involving vocabulary, comprehension, role playing, and thinking outside the box will draw even reluctant readers to follow our three main characters through the streets of New York City. A fun activity to practice taking notes and one that teaches how to use quotation marks correctly are also included. The Power Point has photos to help bring this fictional story alive. Download and have fun!

Book Two--The Tombstone Riddle from The Brooklyn Sleuths series for middle graders

Further adventures of Abrielle, Gina, and Leon, our three sleuths is now available on Amazon in paperback form. The Kindle version will be available soon. The Curriculum Packet and PowerPoint are in development. Check back on this website or leave your email and we'll contact you when the product is up and ready.

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