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About the Company and the author


Original painting by author's grandfather

Casting Light Publishing Company was established to provide quality fictional books for the young and old. The company publishes stories that entertain but also enlighten and create meaningful conversation whether it is for a class of teens, middle grade students, or a women's book club. 

The goal of Casting Light Publishing Company is to publish stories that matter.

And to provide teachers and homeschool parents with fun and educational activities to go along with meaningful stories written by author and former educator Susan E. Lewis. 

Books and Curriculum Packets are written by former educator Susan E. Lewis. Susan spent over thirty years in education, with the last fifteen teaching English to both junior high and high school students, Her goal in teaching has always been to involve young people in the learning process, helping them discover the excitement of gaining knowledge and wisdom.


"I love the journey I'm on right now—combining my love for teaching and my love for words in a second career of writing fictional stories for readers of all ages. The stories I write are fun but always with a message, pointing readers toward personal growth and a discovery of their purpose."

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The Books

A quick look at all the books. See more information on the HOME page. Each book is a link to the Amazon page where they can be purchased. 

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