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 Susan E. Lewis

(1) Publishing middle grade, young adult, and women's stories

(2) Creating and publishing Curriculum Packets to accompany student books.

Challenging and encouraging readers--strengthening the next generation--one story at a time. 
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Book One of In Our Midst Series: Hiding secrets is commonplace in Cedar Knob, Arkansas. But no scheme of man, past or present, can hold back God’s greater plan. In the Midst of Us is a young adult novel, a story of common teens who experience uncommon events. (Published by WestBow Press)

The young adult series is a

faith-based series.

The middle grade books are fun adventure stories for both private and public schools.

All novels have Curriculum Packets to accompany the books. These packets are FREE and accessible to educators and parents when you click on the

Curriculum tab.

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Book Two of In Our Midst Series: Marc and Maylee start their married life far from their home in Arkansas. Marc joins the military and begins his training in Alabama. Maylee and May join him, not aware that the treachery that attempted to steal May at her birth has moved to Alabama as well. Even though God is still in their midst, the young couple's faith will be tested in new ways and with new acquaintances.

The question is which of their new friends can Marc and Maylee trust?

  Two Book     Series ---

One for young adults 



One for middle graders 



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Book Two of The Brooklyn Sleuths Series: In The Tombstone Riddle, Abrielle, Gina, and Leon travel between different Brooklyn locations to solve their next perplexing adventure. From a cemetary to the library to a local food kitchen, the middle graders use their problem solving skills to figure out how to help a mysterious man. And during their attempt to solve his mystery,  our three sleuths learn that everyone's story is important, including their own.  (ebook soon to follow)

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Book One of The Brooklyn Sleuths Series: In The Three Sleuths of Brooklyn,  thinking outside the box becomes the theme of the summer for Abrielle Martin and her friends as they try to solve several neighborhood mysteries that all seem to be connected. This middle grade story is full of adventure, mystery, and surprises as Abrielle learns that not everything is as it seems. 

 Words the company lives by 

Words should always bring 

Celebrate life, love, and the light within 

No matter how dark the night, God will bring the morning.

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